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We are the 'Plug 'n' Play' Medical Writing Agency

Are you a marketing agency that wants to tap into over $6 billion worth of funding that is being poured into new healthcare startups?

These entrepreneurs are hungry. They're aggressive. They need an edge. 

You are set to cash in.

You do websites, PPC, graphic design, social. Everything they need to grow exponentially in the new economy. 

But you need a specialized writing team that understands your clients, understands the industry, and won't embarrass you and ruin your reputation.

That's what we do. We are a writing agency staffed entirely by medical professionals. 

With over a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, I've grown this agency with the reputation of professional, accurate medical content, delivered when we said it would be.

This is what I can say about our team:

  • Over 20 years of healthcare industry experience... rookie mistakes are not allowed
  • Seasoned public policy workers  that have testified before state legislators--we know what it means to be under scrutiny 
  • We're tested - whether that's writing directly for 100 year-old industry-leaders, or for spunky SaaS startups, our customers always want more

Our Services

  • Blogging
  • Web pages
  • Special Reports / White Papers
  • Other

Do you have something else in mind? A landing page? Maybe you want us to review some copy written by another writer to ensure the content is accurate and industry-specific? Schedule a call (below) and we'll work something out.

What Our Customers Say

Aylin Cook - Senior Content Marketing Manager

An extremely talented writer...

It's been such a pleasure to work with Zachary -- he's diligent but fast, detail-oriented but productive, and an extremely talented writer. He took the time to read our brand and content style guide; because he learned our brand, our conventions, and our tone we didn't have to go back and forth to get that right. I'm so impressed at the lack of editing I have to do, and when I do give him suggestions, he is positive and immediately applies them. His work is extremely high quality, and he turns around assignments quickly. Would recommend Zachary (except I don't want him to get too busy for us!).

Provided an excellent, well-written article...

Zack provided an excellent, well-written article on a complex and technical medical subject, making it very easy for the average person to understand.

Curtis Weyant - Senior Content Strategist
Meghan Milewski - Senior Content Coordinator

Zack was a pleasure to work with...

Zack was a pleasure to work with -- very responsive, followed the project outline closely, and delivered a polished piece to our team. Thank you, Zack!

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About the Author

When not working with pharmaceutical companies like Baxter or Shire, or writing fun B2B medical content, Zack likes to jam out on his harmonica with his son. Zack's wife keeps hoping at least one of them will learn how to play for real.